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  7 ways Run Coach will help you run your best
1. Run Coach training plans are PERSONALISED – your fitness level, your event, your training availability, your commitment level.
2. Run Coach will provide the SUPPORT you need – we call every week to check on your progress and keep you motivated with all the additional advice and encouragement you need.
3. Run Coach training plans are FLEXIBLE – because we maintain regular contact, if you take an unexpected week off or improve exceptionally fast, we will adjust your program and make sure that you continue to get fitter and faster.
4. Run Coach holds you ACCOUNTABLE – our clients tell us that knowing they’ll talk to their trainer each week is the motivation they need to follow their plan and make the most of every session.
5. We believe in TIME-EFFICIENT TRAINING .  If you're not an Olympian or an ultra-marathon runner, we'll design your training to easily fit in with your lifestyle.
6. We'll REDUCE THE RISK of running injuries.  The structure in your plan and the progression over time means you are less likely to experience common running injuries.  And if you do develop pain? We're only a phonecall away to help you come up with an action-plan.
7. Run Coach offers unbeatable VALUE. Your personalised training plan and ongoing coaching calls will cost you less than a casual gym visit each week.

At Run Coach we provide easy-to-understand running training plans and the support to make sure they work.  We cater for everyone from a beginner runner to an experienced athlete racing to win.  We’ll find the trainer who best suits your needs, your experience and your fitness.  You can print a copy of your plan for the fridge and keep a copy online, updating it each time you train.  Your allocated trainer will stick with you right through your training plan, talking to you every week, reviewing what you’ve done and keeping motivation levels high.

All you need to do is let us know which race you’re training for, your target time (if you have one, your target might be to cross the finish line) and how many days a week you’re able to train.

We’ll have your running plan with you within 48hrs and will arrange a time for your weekly coaching call.

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